Romanian Athenaeum
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The Romanian Athenaeum is a concerte hall in Bucharest.It is located on Calea Victorie Street, near to the Athene Palace Hilton Hotel.

The place where is located now the Athenaeum belonged into the paste to the Vacaresti Family.. In 1886 the present building began construction; some money has been collected by public subscription, at the slogan Give one Leu for the Athenaeum. Building plans were designed by French architect Albert Galleron so that it can use the foundation already cast early manege "Equestre Romanian society.

The building is preceded by a peristyle, supported by six Ionic columns. Below are five peristyle mosaic medallions representing the five great kings of Romania: Neagoe Basarab, Alexander the Good, King Carol I, Vasile Lupu and Matei Basarab. Construction is finished with a richly decorated dome.

Inside, the concert hall has 600 seats in hand and 52 lodges (total of approximately 794 seats). Top lodges, drum around the dome, except the location of the scene, develops a broad fresco of 3 meters and 70 meters long, the work of painter Costin Petrescu.