The House Of The Press
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House Of the Press, as the complex Presei Libere House, was built in 5 years (1952 to 1957) (between 1949 and 1954, project leader was Prof.. Emeritus Panaite Mazilu, designed specila for media print publication and in particular the newspaper Scanteia, "the news paper or the Comunist Parti.. The antenna on this building is for a sustained time since 1956, the Romanian Television broadcaster.

After 1989, the House Presei Libere is known as the Free Press House.

In the past was named the printers Copmany Casa Scantei " and he turned, after 1989, the Regie Autonome of Printers "Coresi" In turn, the direction has changed in February 1999 in The National Printers Coresi - SA .

The building is a set of four sides that are home to a large patio, plus two sets as U, which are related to body front assemblies remained open to a theater and then build a house of trade unions . Since construction costs were very high, the home theater unions were not constructed.

Part of the funds collected through public subscription to "voluntary" workers by giving them is to pay such tickets, which justified the lack of money. The image of a ticket worth 20 lei, but there were also 30 lei and 100 lei.