Arch of Triumph in Bucharest
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Arc de Triumph is located in the north of Bucharest, sector 1, the road intersection with boulevards Constantin Prezan,Sos.Kiseleff, Bd.Maresal Averescu and the Str. Alexandru Constantinescu. The monument,was designed by Petre Antonescu, and was built between 1921-1922 and renovated in the period 1935-1936. It commemorates the victory of Romania in World War.

Arch of Triumph is one of the monuments that commemorate the participation of Romania in the First World War by the Allies at the end that all Romanian-inhabited territories were found for the first time brought together in one place. Arch of Triumph is the first monument of its kind raised in the Romanian capital; he was preceded by several temporary buildings with similar meanings that have marked successive victory in the War of Independence of Romania (1878), 40 years jubilee of the reign of King Carol I (1906) and the Romanian royal family returned from exile in Iasi (1918).

In 1921-1922, in the context of the coronation of King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary as sovereigns of Greater Romania, the Commission for organizing the coronation festivities to appeal to the architect Petre Antonescu to raise an impressive Arc de Triumph in the north of the capital, the road Kiseleff. Because of the short time but only the skeleton construction was cast in concrete, basorieliefuri beautiful exterior made of plaster, which led - Once coronation festivities (October 1922) - a progressive degradation due to weather, the external appearance of Arch of Triumph, they reached early in 1930 a "monument uncomfortable. The monument is not open for visitors. The official municipalities agreed that the Arch of Triumph can be open for visitors only few days per year.